current exhibitions

The Border of Time - Opens Mar 22 @ Neues Museum, Nürnberg, Germany

Very pleased to announce an upcoming exhibit featuring; Bilge Friedlaender - Füsun Onur - Ahmet Doğu İpek. The Border of Time/ Saum der Zeit / Zamanın Kıyısı at the Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design Nürnberg  March 23.2018 - June 10.2018

Füsun Onur, Düş , 1981 courtesy VKF, Istanbul, 

Füsun Onur, Düş , 1981
courtesy VKF, Istanbul, 

Dark Deep Darkness and Splendor @ Galerist Istanbul April 27 - June 10, 2017

Another chance to see the artist's book Homage to Sinan in an expanded view - part of the group exhibition at Galerist

"The works in the exhibition which takes its name from David Lynch’s lithography titled 'Dark Deep Darkness', meet one another on the intersecting planes of cosmos, earth and melancholia. The exhibition puts together works by Murat Akagündüz, Arif Aşçı, Vahap Avşar, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Nejad Devrim, Alev Ebüzziya, Nermin Er, Bilge Friedlaender, Sibel Horada, Ahmet Doğu İpek, David Lynch, Jason Martin, Füsun Onur, Mübin Orhon, Alp Sime, Ali Emir Tapan, Masao Yamamoto and Fahrelnissa Zeid."



Hayal ve Hakikat @ The Istanbul Modern

We are happy to announce that three of Bilge's works from the Epic of Gilgamesh series will be included in the exhibit Hayal ve Hakikat (Dream and Reality) – at the Istanbul Modern - September 15, 2011 – January 2012